Hello Friends,
Finally, I have decided to throw myself back into the process of making the 2nd Emigrate album. It's quite a decision to make, knowing how much work it is and all the pain and suffering that lie ahead. But hey, the thing I love most is to be under pressure!

We had the whole band here rehearsing in January to try out all of my song ideas. It was the usual suspects along with the addition of our new drummer, Mikko Siren from Apocalyptica. He did a great job laying down the drum tracks in the studio so that I can begin the process of laying down a million guitar tracks. So, that's where we are as of right now.

I do not know when this record will come out because I will be on tour with Rammstein so I kind of have to fit my recording time into little intervals throughout the year.

I will try to keep you updated more than I have in the past. Thanks for all the support and for being with me.

Richard ZK

(last update: April 30, 2013)

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